Planning a High School Graduation Party

A Step by Step Checklist for Planning a High School Graduation Party

Are you about to graduate from high school? Well, even though this is the first of many milestones in your life, this is an important one. In fact, it is going to be the day that you and your parents will always remember. So, if you are graduating this year, surely, you want to throw a graduation party. Here is the perfect checklist for your party.

The graduation party needs to have proper planning. And as the host, this has to be a grand idea. So, you will have to plan accordingly. How are you going to do this? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Pick a Date

You need to plan ahead for the party. When you are graduating from high school, remembers that more kids are also graduating. So, there will be many parties happening all over the town. So, you need to pick a date first. Make sure that the date is not too far away from that of your graduation. The perfect idea will be if you celebrate it on the day of graduation or the next day.

Decide the Budget

The next step for you will be deciding the budget. Try to find out how much you are going to spend. If you are planning the party with your parents, then ask them how much they are willing to shell out for the party. This is a crucial deciding factor of your happening graduation party. Depending on the budget, you will be able to plan the rest.

Book the Party Halls in Houston

The next step should be booking the venue. Yes, this will cost you quite a lot, yet this is a great option if you don’t have the space at home or you are planning a bigger party. There are many party halls in Houston. You can choose any of these affordable ones and plan your party there. Remember that when you are booking the venue, the event might collide with other parties. The hall can be a popular anniversary party venue in Houston too. In this case, you need to plan the party while remaining flexible.

Make the Guestlist

Once you are done with the primary responsibility of the party, now you have to decide the things about the party. Make a list of the guests. So, for this part, you need to remember that the party mostly should be for your friends who are graduating with you too. At the same time, as the host of the party, you can invite your parents and loved ones.

Pick a Theme

When it comes to a graduation party, there are hundreds of options for themes. You can go extravagant and plan a fall graduation party or you can go for a simple one with the banners and graduation colors. Most of the party venues in Houston come with their in-house team of decorators. Once you pick the theme, talk to the decoration team and let them make the place look grand. You can go for a school spirit or team spirit theme or a bigger party with the seasonal theme with school colors.

Send Out Invites

Your next step should be sending out invites to fellow students for the party. If you are looking for a classy option, then go for printed cards. This will add a sophisticated touch to your party. But if you don’t have the budget for this and you want to get RSVPs, then sending out the online invitation can be a great idea.

Food and Drinks

Popular graduation party halls will come with their in-house team of caterers and chefs. They can offer any kind of menu you want. Don’t go for an elaborate spread for the graduation party. Your friends are all teenagers and they are here to enjoy themselves. So, elaborate food items will not be a big hit with them. You can set up a pizza and burger counter with the addition of some delicious pasta. Find out if the party hall you are booking is also offering soda and soft drinks or not. Or you can set up a mocktails counter at the party.


Don’t forget to make a playlist with the hit numbers to dance the night out. This is a night of celebration. And you and your friends will have the most fun while dancing. Find out if the venue is offering their in-house DJ too.

You’ve learned the basics of planning a graduation party, from choosing a venue and a theme to sending invitations and preparing food. Now it’s time to put your plan into action and make your grad’s celebration unforgettable. Don’t delay, start your planning today and get ready for a memorable party.

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