Building A Custom Home

5 Elements That You Often Forget When Building a Custom Home

Have you been planning to build a custom home for a long time? Do you think it is a lot of effort right from the stage of planning  till execution? For many people,a custom home building may mean several sleepless nights. But you can also make it exciting without compromising the smallest details that matter.

Unfortunately, even if the list of forgotten elements when building a custom home is small,itmatters the most. To ensure that you have all those details listed properly, partnering with Kelowna home builders is the best decision to make. Having said that, you need to have the list of those elements as well and check them later to find out what’s on your list.

Below are the things that you may easily forget during home construction.

5 Easy-To-Forget Yet Important Things For Home Builders When Building A Custom Home

Placing Water Heater

When constructing the house, you need to ask the builder to make sure the water heater is installed in the attic instead of the garage. At the same time, you need to discuss the option with the builder and consider the storage spaceit will occupy. Chances are that it might also impede walking. Apart from this, you need to consider the water pipe fittings appropriately to avoid causing damage to things you later store in the attic or the attic itself.

A tankless water heater may cost you more but it ensures a continuous supply of hot water whenever you want. Many of the Kelowna homes may have water heaters installed in the attic but considering all the options is necessary when moving ahead with this idea.

Storage Compartment For The Bathroom

When you are building a custom home, you get a unique opportunity to make things workwithout retrofitting any design that already exists. You need to leverage this and use a compartment for toiletries. You may also install a medicine cabinet behind the mirror or anywhere that resonates with the bathroom design. Adding several small storage compartments between the studs on the walls will help your house to make a huge difference. You can also explore new homes for sale in Kelowna to find out what the latest trends are and move ahead with your plan.

Closet Design

Unless you discuss your closet ideas with the builder about how to designit, you will simply let them dictate. So, why don’t you analyse what your needs are before designing the closet in the bedroom or elsewhere it may be. Ask yourself if you need the closet with shelves only or need a lower rod as well. 

Besides, you need to tell the builder how much space you need between the shelves. Finally, talk to the builder about the height of the entire shelf to know if it matches the requirements of the room. Most homeowners ignore these details and spend money again to customise the shelves.

Features Of The Kitchen Cabinet

Home building is a stressful task, especially because you need to deal with millions of things at the same time. Therefore, it is not unnatural to miss the smallest details. With Dilworth Homes, you’ll have lesser oddsof skipping these aspects. They are one of the Kelowna home buildersyou can trust to create noteworthy features for kitchen cabinets. Do not skip elements like cabinet drawers, pull-out racks, or cabinets for storing the cooking pots. Take time to think about the features that add zeal to the kitchen of your custom home beforehand. That way, you will set up the kitchen successfully when you move in.

Make The Laundry Room Functional

The laundry room is certainly one of the most attractive areas of your home but you can customise it in numerous ways. But the aim should be to make the area more accessible and functional. For instance, you can think about a more than functional counter in the laundry room for folding clothes and storing towels.

Besides, several homeowners need an additional sink in the laundry room, a hanging rack, or shelves depending on their needs. Many of the new townhomes Kelowna have varied designs when it comes to laundry rooms. You can explore the townhome designs and their laundry roomsetups  for better insights.

When building a custom home, you need to talk to the builder about saving some of the materials used for constructing the house. That way, you will have a sample of the material for future use. If you are new to the home construction process, there are several things you must remember, be it big or small. Follow the guide above to refer to those easily-forgotten elements in your custom home.


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