Sleek Strategies to Infuse Minimalist Design In Your Condo

In the age of excess, minimalism stands out as a philosophy that prioritizes function and clean form over everything else. You can adopt that philosophy into your home and turn it into a guiding principle while renovating your home. If your old condo needs some much-needed renovation, you can hire a condo renovation contractor to add some much-needed simplicity, functionality, and minimalism to your home. However, before you do that, there are a few rudimentary things you need to know.

Core principles of minimalism for condo renovation:

  • Open spaces – Minimalist spaces often have open and unrestricted flow with the scope of free movement. Even the decor and furniture are placed strategically to maximize available space inside a room. Excess space makes a room look more clutter-free and organized.
  • Simple design and neutral colours – According to custom home builders in Vancouver BC, minimalism has a heavy focus on simplicity. That means excess decor and ornamental elements are removed from the space. This is further accentuated with the sole use of neutral colours in a minimalist home. Neutrals create an illusion of unrestricted calm. 
  • Focus on technology and functionality – Minimalist condos and homes are surprisingly tech-heavy. However, it is concealed to create a sleek look. On the other hand, furniture pieces inside a minimalist condo need to be highly functional. They often serve more than one purpose and some can be converted to an entirely different piece of furniture.

Tips from high end custom home builders to integrate minimalism into your condo renovation project:

1. Embrace a monochrome colour scheme

As mentioned above, neutral tones are a signature element of minimalist homes. You can go a step further by selecting a single colour for your home. A lot of people often associate black and white with monochrome. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. Monochrome simply translates to one colour. You can make it interesting by using several shades of the same colour for your home.

2. Smart storage and folding furniture

Maximizing space is a key concept for minimalist condos and one way of achieving that is to use space-saving furniture. For instance, you can use Murphy beds that fold into the wall or sofa beds that stay up as couches during the day and can be folded down into a fully functional bed at night.

Similarly, you can choose to add extra storage by opting for ottomans that allow you to keep linens, blankets and pillows inside them. If you have a small living room, it may be the perfect opportunity to switch to an open floor plan. Open plans are very effective at maximizing your space and can help you extend the benefits of foldable and space-saving furniture. Hire a reputable contractor who can execute your vision of the ideal condo renovation in Vancouverperfectly.  

3. Combine smart lighting with natural lights

When it comes to innovative home tech, smart lights are the first thing that comes to mind. They are easy to install, can be connected to your home WiFi and can be programmed to increase convenience while saving energy. While you are at it, add more natural light inside your home. Natural light isn’t just great for your body but has several benefits for your mental health.

There are several ways to add natural light to your condo. One of them is to renovate your home by enlarging windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a popular option. If you want to keep condo renovation costs to a minimum while adding natural lighting to your home, add skylights and tubes to rooms without any windows. 

4. Focus on quality instead of quantity

When it comes to minimalism, quality is always prioritised over quantity and the same applies to your condo. Choose sustainable and premium materials that will last you for a long time and help reduce personal consumption. Buy furniture pieces and integrate durable technology that adds value to your lifestyle for long-term satisfaction instead of short-term gratification.

By adhering to core principles such as open spaces, neutral tones, and multifunctional furniture, you can transform your home drastically. When you have decided on a rough idea of your vision, choose reputable renovation experts in Vancouver to execute your vision. Consider consulting with interior designers specializing in modern concepts for a truly impactful home transformation.

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