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Turn Your Dream Home into a Fortress with These Must-Have Features

Do you know what’s the most common threat to your property? It’s not natural disasters or house fires. Instead, it’s theft and home burglaries. When you build a new custom dream home, it’s your responsibility to strengthen its security to safeguard your house and your loved ones.

Even the most basic alarm system can improve your home’s security by a significant margin. When you have the opportunity to build a brand new Okanagan custom home, make sure to make the most of it and turn your new home into a fortress.

Must-have security features for your new home:

1.      Physical security measures:

Home security always starts with the most basic physical security measures. That translates into sturdy building materials, and entry and exit ways. Custom home builders in Kelowna recommend you get reinforced doors with deadbolts that go at least one inch into the wall.

On the other hand, while windows look hideous with metal rails or guarding features, you can ditch them in favour of double-pane security glass and strong frames. Your garages are another convenient entry point that could be used during a home invasion. Protect the garage door locking mechanism from being tampered with a shield. 

2.      Security lighting

Lighting also plays a vital role in home security. It starts with motion-detecting lights outside your home. Motion-detecting lights are convenient when you return home and take your sweet time making your way through the lawn or the walkway. However, it’s a giant headache for thieves who plan to break into your home after dark.

Smart lighting is also a part of security lighting. When you are vacationing or not home for a couple of days, you can choose to turn on the smart lights after dark. According to home builders in Kelowna, empty homes are primary targets of burglaries and smart lights allow you to maintain appearances and create visual deterrents.

3.      Access control systems

Most households are empty most of the time during the day. Adults are out at their jobs and kids are at school. However, most packages are delivered during that window. That’s why it’s important to add access control systems in your home to receive packages or allow in guests when you aren’t there.

These access control systems can be powered by a two-way video calling feature that lets you verify the delivery person’s identity before unlocking your door remotely. Access control systems are indispensable if you want to turn a section of your home into an Airbnb.

4.      Home monitoring systems

These systems are a combination of AI-powered security cameras and alarm systems. Security cameras both inside and outside your home help you record 360° footage of your dream home and spot home invaders or burglars from far away. New home builders in Kelowna, BC favour AI-powered security cameras that are connected to your WiFi network for good reason.

The underlying software has an advanced algorithm to identify signs of home invasion and alert you of the same. Some systems also allow you to instantly report such incidents to the local authorities so that they can stop the invasion in its tracks.

5.      Perimeter security

Perimeter security is the first line of defence in home security. Strengthening it acts as a visual deterrent that drives away more thieves and burglars and prevents them from targeting you. Okanagan home builders always begin with a durable and tall fence to the boundaries. While vinyl is cheap and highly customisable, it isn’t nearly as strong as wrought iron or high-quality fencing.

Insurance companies know this and that’s why they are willing to lower insurance premiums for properties with a durable fence. When choosing a fence design, make sure that it has deterrents like a spiky top or a slippery surface that prevents people from climbing. You can also go the next step in boundary security by adding sensors.

6.      Get friendly with the neighbours

This one isn’t high-tech and doesn’t involve any building materials either. However, friendly neighbours are an additional yet invisible layer of security around your home. When someone is trying to invade your home, they will be willing to at least dial 911. If you have bad relations with your neighbours, they may choose to ignore your misfortune.

When you add these features to your dream home, you take an active step towards building your safe haven. From robust physical security measures and state-of-the-art technology to fostering good neighbourly relations, you’re creating a highly durable defence system to protect your assets.

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